Samstag, 5. März 2011


A really fun little game.

The main idea of this game is that you fight online opponents with your Tee. A Tee is a little cartoon "smiley" figure. The main weapons of your tee are, a hammer (acts like a knife i would say, close combat), a semi auto gun and a chain with a hook on it's end, which you use to move trough the map quickly and pull/throw enemies/ally's. You can play this game in 3 different modes.. First there is the normal "Capture the Flag" where there's 2 teams, 1 on each side of the map. Every team has a flag in they're base and they have to try to get the enemy flag and hold it in they're base for a specific amount of time. Second mode is "Deatmatch" where you just have to try to kill as many enemy Tee's as possible. Third and IMO the best mode is "DDrace" where you gotta move trough the map quickly, like a obstacle course.
The size of the file is rather small. About 5 Mb. (:

Try it. :D



  1. im playing this game right now just stop by say thanking you really quick before i go off to play it again lol really reminds me a lot of kirby! thanks!

  2. @ Mike, Np dude. :D Glad you like it.. Nice little game to waste some time. :D Love it myself. (: