Samstag, 5. März 2011


A really fun little game.

The main idea of this game is that you fight online opponents with your Tee. A Tee is a little cartoon "smiley" figure. The main weapons of your tee are, a hammer (acts like a knife i would say, close combat), a semi auto gun and a chain with a hook on it's end, which you use to move trough the map quickly and pull/throw enemies/ally's. You can play this game in 3 different modes.. First there is the normal "Capture the Flag" where there's 2 teams, 1 on each side of the map. Every team has a flag in they're base and they have to try to get the enemy flag and hold it in they're base for a specific amount of time. Second mode is "Deatmatch" where you just have to try to kill as many enemy Tee's as possible. Third and IMO the best mode is "DDrace" where you gotta move trough the map quickly, like a obstacle course.
The size of the file is rather small. About 5 Mb. (:

Try it. :D


Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Battlefield 3

Clearly, Battlefield Bad Company 2 was fuckn GREAT.. Blow alsmost everything up, ride tanks, cars and helicopters. It's amazing. Now, for Battlefield 3 the releasedate was set for fall 2011. It's possible to preorder now. For the multiplayer on pc you can play together with up to 64 ppl on one map(i guess they're gonna be huge). On consoles theres a limit of 24 at one time, which is fine too. Dice leaked that it now should be possible to shoot while laying down. Marking your enemies, like in BFBC2 is also possible.
Some maps out of Battlefield 2 will be used again(in the Collecters Editon, which IMO everybody who wants the game should buy), but running on a different engine(Frostbite engine 2, that would be), of which they all will benefit greatly. Places to fight at are next to a couple more which havent been leaked yet, Paris, New york City and Teheran. New achievements and badges ! Yay ! The collecters editon "Back to Karkand" will be avalible about one month after release, for everyone who doesnt preorder the game. Preorder and you get "Back to Karkand" for free !
A new and more complex ballistics system will be avalible. Can't wait on that ! Now, in Battlefield Bad Company 2 you were able to destroy almost everything, which will change at the release of Battlefield 3. You can relly destroy EVERYTHING. Even a skyscraper won't be safe now ! Enough with the talkin'.. Here's an ingame trailer analysis, which rocks ! Enjoy ! (:
(I linked it, cause you need to watch it in HD, it would be to big to embed it here.)

Battlefield 3 ingame trailer analysis


Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Evil activities

I love this Dj. He's a Hardcore producer/Dj, his name is Kelly van Soest and he lives in Rotterdamm(Netherlands, Hardcore capitol). Some of you, who listen to this kind of music might know him under the name "Max Enforcer" which he uses in the Hardstyle scene.
He used to work together with one of the inventors of the Hardcore, Dj Neophyte, who also lives in Rotterdamm. The sound of Dj Evil activities is incompareable. More or less he uses, well, let me call them "Happy sounds", sometimes they can remind you of the music genre Hands up. He uses alot of samples in his music, such as in the song "Nobody said it was easy" he samples the voice of the front singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin.
All in all he also uses alot of samples out of hip hop music, which other Dj's in the Hardcore scene would never do. He is also a member of the anti racist project "Hardcore united" together with other Hardcore/Hardstyle Dj's such as Angerfist, Neophyte and Outblast.

Here are two of my favourite tracks of his, one Hardstyle track under the name Max Enforcer and one Hardcore track under his normal artist name, Evil activities. Enjoy. (:

Mixed set of music i like. (:

Mostly electronic music, but meh. :D

After this i jizzed all over my keyboard. :3

Love the ecstasy of gold remixed beat..

1:02 eargasm <3

44 mins. but the best hardstyle set i've ever heard..

Enjoy. :)

The Last Guardian

Since 2009 i've been waiting on this game to be released.. It's from the makers of shadow of the colossus.. Great developers. I don't know how, but they rly know how to put emotions in to a game, it's just awesome !
Well, much info isn't leaked about it, so i can just show you the trailer and a ingame trailer.

Release date would be around the end of 2011. I can't wait !

Ingame trailer..

And the official trailer..

Oh yeah, it's a puzzel/action adventure game. :)

I wish i could tell you more about it. As soon as i got some more, i'll post it. :)

Freitag, 25. Februar 2011

Hardcore and Hardstyle ! :3

Just some music i like. :)

Here's some hardcore...

This is one of my fav songs..

Enough with the HC, here some Hardstyle for the ones of you who don't like it all that "rough". hehe :3

My fav. :)