Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Battlefield 3

Clearly, Battlefield Bad Company 2 was fuckn GREAT.. Blow alsmost everything up, ride tanks, cars and helicopters. It's amazing. Now, for Battlefield 3 the releasedate was set for fall 2011. It's possible to preorder now. For the multiplayer on pc you can play together with up to 64 ppl on one map(i guess they're gonna be huge). On consoles theres a limit of 24 at one time, which is fine too. Dice leaked that it now should be possible to shoot while laying down. Marking your enemies, like in BFBC2 is also possible.
Some maps out of Battlefield 2 will be used again(in the Collecters Editon, which IMO everybody who wants the game should buy), but running on a different engine(Frostbite engine 2, that would be), of which they all will benefit greatly. Places to fight at are next to a couple more which havent been leaked yet, Paris, New york City and Teheran. New achievements and badges ! Yay ! The collecters editon "Back to Karkand" will be avalible about one month after release, for everyone who doesnt preorder the game. Preorder and you get "Back to Karkand" for free !
A new and more complex ballistics system will be avalible. Can't wait on that ! Now, in Battlefield Bad Company 2 you were able to destroy almost everything, which will change at the release of Battlefield 3. You can relly destroy EVERYTHING. Even a skyscraper won't be safe now ! Enough with the talkin'.. Here's an ingame trailer analysis, which rocks ! Enjoy ! (:
(I linked it, cause you need to watch it in HD, it would be to big to embed it here.)

Battlefield 3 ingame trailer analysis



  1. Looks pretty awesome dude. Both the graphics and gameplay look insane. And yea i like how you can just blast your way through buildings thats pretty original. Great post.

  2. im seeing a lot of battlefield stuff. i really need to try this game out

  3. Battlefield 3 is going to destroy Call of Duty :D

  4. 62 people on one map? lol wow I've never even heard of that.. seems a bit impersonal but I bet the teamwork aspect feels great

  5. Woo! Battlefield and COD have been competing with me for a while now and with Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 coming, I just don't know, ha. I'm real excited about this one though.

  6. I disagree with your opinion, but I respect it and I hope you really enjoy bf3 when it comes out.

  7. this game is gonna b amazing, as a console gamer im FURIOUS that its gonna b 24players online when pc gamers get 62 RAWR!!!

  8. The graphics look so clean here!