Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Evil activities

I love this Dj. He's a Hardcore producer/Dj, his name is Kelly van Soest and he lives in Rotterdamm(Netherlands, Hardcore capitol). Some of you, who listen to this kind of music might know him under the name "Max Enforcer" which he uses in the Hardstyle scene.
He used to work together with one of the inventors of the Hardcore, Dj Neophyte, who also lives in Rotterdamm. The sound of Dj Evil activities is incompareable. More or less he uses, well, let me call them "Happy sounds", sometimes they can remind you of the music genre Hands up. He uses alot of samples in his music, such as in the song "Nobody said it was easy" he samples the voice of the front singer of Coldplay, Chris Martin.
All in all he also uses alot of samples out of hip hop music, which other Dj's in the Hardcore scene would never do. He is also a member of the anti racist project "Hardcore united" together with other Hardcore/Hardstyle Dj's such as Angerfist, Neophyte and Outblast.

Here are two of my favourite tracks of his, one Hardstyle track under the name Max Enforcer and one Hardcore track under his normal artist name, Evil activities. Enjoy. (: