Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

The Last Guardian

Since 2009 i've been waiting on this game to be released.. It's from the makers of shadow of the colossus.. Great developers. I don't know how, but they rly know how to put emotions in to a game, it's just awesome !
Well, much info isn't leaked about it, so i can just show you the trailer and a ingame trailer.

Release date would be around the end of 2011. I can't wait !

Ingame trailer..

And the official trailer..

Oh yeah, it's a puzzel/action adventure game. :)

I wish i could tell you more about it. As soon as i got some more, i'll post it. :)


  1. Pretty cool man, thanks for sharing.

  2. shadow of the colossus was a downright amazing game. What a damned twist!

    Looking forward to this for sure!

  3. I had no idea this existed, thanks for sharing!